Quercus stellata 'Artois'

In 2004, we bought a Quercus stellata at Pavia nursery in Belgium. Because of the beautiful autumn colours ranging from bright orange to red, we decided to name it in 2017. A link was quickly established between the species name stellata and Stella Artois, the beer of the Artois family, also founders of the domain of Wespelaar. The twigs, the lower leaf surface and petiole are covered with stellate hair, hence the name stellata. The deeply lobed, scabrous and often undulating leaf often has a red midrib and can become up to 22cm long and 12cm wide. During summer, the upper leaf surface is shiny dark green and the lower leaf surface pale and matte. During Autumn, the leaves turn orange-red. The coarse bark peels off beautifully in rectangular plates. In nature, Quercus stellata grows on rocky and baren soil (Southeastern United States). Unlike our little specimen, this tree can reach up from 12 to 20m high in very favorable conditions.

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