Picture gallery

On this page you will find pictures of plants and views of the arboretum. The name of the illustrated plant will apear by scrolling over the picture or by clicking on it. For more pictures of Acer, Rhododendron, Magnolia and Stewartia (some of our specialities), you can go to the page plants collection. We also recommend the high resolution scans (made by Jan De Langhe) of freshly collected plant material, which are often used in combination with the identification keys in order to identify woody plants.

We also regularly share pictures and videos on our Facebook and Instagram page and our Youtube channel. 

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Winter view in the Verlat Wood

Autumn view in the Marnef Wood

Spring view in the Marnef Wood

Spring view of the pond in the Werner Wood

Acer rufinerve 'Winter Gold'

Asimina triloba

Betula nigra, over the pond in the Werner Wood

Cercidiphyllum japonicum (Male flowers)

Magnolia 'Golden Joy' ('Yellow Bird' x brooklynensis)

Magnolia 'Peachy' (acum. 'Fertile Myrtle' x 'Diva')

Magnolia sieboldii (Tetraploid)

Malus hupehensis

Photinia villosa

Pseudolarix amabilis

Quercus robur subsp. pedunculiflora

Rhododendron 'Gladys' (campylocarpum x fortunei)

Rosa 'John Davis'

Stewartia pseudocamellia (red petiole)

Wisteria brachybotrys 'Okayama'

High resolution images identification keys