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Plant collections

The Arboretum Wespelaar holds a specialized collection of trees and shrubs from around the world, hardy in Belgium. It welcomes any woody species; giants and prostrate dwarfs, common and rare, beautiful and less glorious, and especially all those that are threatened in the wild and can find a home in the temperate Belgian climate.

Acer, Magnolia, Rhododendron and Stewartia are particularly well represented in the Arboretum. In addition to these, you will find a large collection of other genera such as Betula, Carpinus, Euonymus, Ilex, Tilia, Quercus, Styrax, Viburnum and many more. Please pay us a visit and ask for one of our guided tours.

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Arboretum Wespelaar awarded Level 4 accrediation by ArbNet!

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