Magnolia x thomsoniana 'Olmenhof'

Magnolia virginiana x Magnolia tripetala

The mother tree of this selection stood in the park ‘Olmenhof’ in Herk de Stad. It was first noticed by Jef Van Meulder, and later propagated on regular base. It is a rather broad, often multi-stemmed tree and is hardy in our climate. The blooming lasts a long time (mid-May to early July) and is earlier and with larger flowers than the average Magnolia x thomsoniana. The white vase shaped flowers stand beautifully upright on the end of the twigs. They have a sweet and pleasant scent. The leaf is wide elliptical to broadly obovate (20-25 cm long, 8-11 cm wide). The upper side of the leaf is shiny green, while the underside is silvery and velvety haired.

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