Magnolia 'Marguerite'

In 1996, Philippe de Spoelberch made a few crossings with pollen from Magnolia 'Purple Breeze', one of our own selections. Just as with Magnolia 'Ghislaine', this resulted in a beautiful new selection that is less sensitive to frost, but this time has Magnolia 'Anne Rosse' as a mother plant. The pink flowers of Magnolia 'Marguerite' have inherited the firmness of M. 'Anne Rosse', and are therefore less floppy than the flowers from M. 'Purple Breeze'. It is a fast grower with an upright stem. The red aggregate fruit form a striking autumn aspect: they can become up to 30cm long and often have a twisted shape. In 2011, the tree was named 'Marguerite', after Philippe de Spoelberch’s granddaughter.

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